About Us

Thank you guys for reading our blogs and recipes. We are Sagar and Unnati, creator of The Melting Bowl.

We love food. We call ourself big foodies. Every time we go to a kitchen store or a grocery, we find ourself getting home either utensil or ingredient. We enjoy experimenting with taste and textures of different ingredients and building a recipe around them. Today We use each other as our test subjects. We always taste each other recipe and give feedback wether it is good or not. We are lucky to have each other who both love food.

We enjoy experimenting with food, asking questions about it and tasting the results. Our cooking style are different since we belong to different states of India. I am from Gujarat, and my wife is from Maharashtra. Since, I spent most of my time in different states of India and having room mates from different regions, allowed my cooking skill to grow on different level.

Now we are settled in Detroit, Michigan. Now we are creating different recipes from all different regions from India. So please subscribe our recipe newsletter to keep yourself updated with new recipes.