Italian Style Espresso at home – Moka Pot Instruction

Italian Style Espresso at home – Moka Pot Instruction

The best and the budget friendly way to make a good italian style espresso at home is to make coffee with a Moka Pot. Just follow this Moka Pot Instruction to make your next cup of espresso.

To make an espresso you will need:
1. Moka Pot
2. Ground Coffee
3. Hot Water

Moka Pot Instruction

Fill with Water

First and foremost unscrew the top aka coffee collector and separate it from the bottom section aka heating vessel. Remove the middle section aka Funnel. Now fill the hot water in the bottom section just below the valve. The reason behind using hot water is that if you keep coffee longer on stove top, it will start burning and gives bitter taste to the coffee.

Add Coffee

Now once the water is filled up, put the funnel back into the bottom section. Fill the funnel with grounded coffee of your choice. Don’t push the coffee or pack it down. Leave it little bit loose. Just tap the bottom with light hand to spread coffee evenly.

Moka Pot on the Stove Top

PUT THE TOP SECTION BACK ON AND SCREW IT UP VERY TIGHTLY. Put the moka pot on the stove somewhere in between low and medium. Since we put the hot water in the bottom it won’t take long. Let it boil until the top section is filled with dark rich espresso.

Turn the Heat Off.

You may add a milk or sugar to taste or make a cappuccino or any other espresso based drink. You may use this espresso for making Tiramisu.

Enjoy the drink !!

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